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What your e-mails say

New to Personal Coaching

As a hybrid cyclist I decided to look for a coach and embark on a training plan to see if it had an impact. I have read books, blogs and editorial all telling me what to do when training, but would never follow a plan I put together. I was keen to be a better cyclist, fitter, and build my stamina so to beat my sportive times. Bri from Bike Coaching was recommended to me by a member of a cycling club. All fired up I booked 3 months on Coaching Plan 2. Bri sent me a plan to start with not too complicated just enough for me. I followed the plan through varied sessions. I could see my new body shape and felt the improvements as I went further and faster on my fifteen mile timed loop, now twenty mile loop from home in the same time!!!!

Thanks Bri

Colin Taylor


Personal Rides

People say you can teach yourself out of a book, this has no comparison to having a coach tailor a programme to you .I’ve looked at on-line coaching, although I think your on- line programs are very tempting, I decided on your programmed ride option as I live within the area. With Bike Coaching you don’t just get a workout schedule; you get someone riding with you, pointing out your mistakes and teaching you how to ride safe and more efficient, gaining more energy. If I was to recall all the small details you have taught me we would be here all day!! "Brian is enthusiastic, thoughtful and cares about the people he coaches his methods work….I can highly recommend the ride option"

Matt Evens

Withington, Manchester

Sportive Rider

I entered my first sportive at the end of last year and was inspired to train smarter due to trouble with climbs and maintaining speed without the pain. I completed  coaching plan TWO programme with Brian.With each coaching session I learnt new technical sprint and climbing drills, and became faster and more confident. I have completed three sportives this year and now entering local racing competitions, something I would have never thought I could achieve.

Thanks for your patience

Steph Forman


Fitness Required

Brian first began coaching me when I was a frustrated mountain biker. He encouraged me to begin road cycling to develop my fitness. With a lot of hard work he helped me develop both the technical and physical skills necessary to become confident to enter sportive rides to improve my personal best times.The advantages of working with Brian were two fold. Firstly, the training programme are excellent. Secondly, Brian listens to riders to develop a programme custom suitedto their individual needs to achieve their goals.

Chris Powel

Hazel Grove, Stockport

100k…… I need Help!

Thank you for your fantastic help. I was running out of time to get fit as a 100k ride in the Welsh mountains was looming, I needed help I was lost. Brian showed me how to get all my abilities together and taught me to train in an intelligent way. I chose coaching plan1 through to plan 2 with ride option as I needed experience in riding in a group. Four of my friends from the local cycling club booked a group ride, what a great day we had ,we learnt so much even some of the more experienced riders. We all made the ride thanks to you Brian. Hope to book sometime with you for my Audax challenge.

Natasha Fielding


I love on-line coaching

The weekly contact /calls have been an invaluable source of training and advice, a massive instrumental part for staying motivated and improving my physiological, mental, and technical obstacles. During the course of a few months I am climbing faster and more efficient .Riding smarter and faster than I have in my entire riding life. Brian has always been accessible when I have questions and has always been there when I’ve needed him.

Helen Booth

London Cycling Club

Intermediate Rider

Although I have been road riding at a good standard for a couple of years, I was looking for some help to reach the next level to move up to a faster group in my cycling club.  Brian has expert knowledge of cycling and a very hard work ethic. He helped me to become more technically efficient and more powerful almost immediately.

Rob Cole


Go-Ride Young Cyclist Under 16s

My husband and I could not be more happy and thrilled by our childrens  [Harry and Darcy] progress on their bikes. Handling and cycle techniques in last weeks session were invaluable, they find them safe and engaging. Thanks Brian, you deliver a multitude of creative and unique challenges for them, thus improving my children’s confidence with every session. We are hoping to extend on to further activities of climbs and descents including safe and fair racing which I know my husband will be excited about…. Thanks again Brian

Proud Parents, Kim and Dave

Warrington, Cheshire

Keen seasoned time trial cyclist

Hi Brian, as you know I ride at a descent level, and a keen seasoned time trial cyclist. Your coaching advice along with dietary instruction has had a significant impact on my performance on and off the bike achieving life time personal best. I have defiinitely exceeded my goals I would never have put a programme together to include diet and nutrition this has been invaluable along with the challenges you set and has lifted targets for myself. Thanks for the motivation this year... Coaching Plan 3 Booked with ride option !!!

Andy Brooke

North Lancs. CC