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  • Benefits of personal bike coaching
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Benefits of Personal Bike Coaching

Based in Cheshire and serving the surrounding areas in the North West, personal bike coaching is a specialist service training for cyclists of all abilities to be better, safer riders. Whether you require preparation for a road race, time trial, sportive or just want to get the best out of you and your bike, we provide the best training solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Coaching plans 1, 2, 3, and personal rides, explain the levels of coaching which will help you to improve your knowledge and experience, and show how structured coaching can help you achieve your goals, making sure each session is aimed to reach your goals and your budget.

Your Bike Coach

Brian Coombs

I have always been involved with cycling, a keen cyclist starting out as a junior road cyclist after my parents bought me my first Claud Butler. I am a member of British Cycling Association and an independent cycling club. I have organised and competed in Audax [endurance long distance cycling] and promoted time –trial over various distance and hill climbs. I have competed in numerous Charity rides cycling across UK and Europe for Alzheimers and various Charities.